7 Proven Strategies for Parenting Toddlers that Excel, from Potty Training to Preschool


Positive Parenting Tips for Raising Toddlers with Exceptional Social Skills and Accelerated Learning Ability Kindle Edition


“Excellent social skills [in toddlers] have been linked to better performance in academics and a brighter future.”

Several prominent studies have shown that toddlers, kindergarten and Pre-K children with strong social skills in sharing, cooperation and empathy have a much higher likelihood of going to college, being employed in a good job at 25 and having less stress as an adult.

In 7 Proven Strategies for Parenting Toddlers that Excel, from Potty Training to Preschool, best-selling parenting advice author Frank Dixon offers caring parents of toddler girls and boys more than just the basic potty training and positive discipline tips that you get from other toddler books.  In this ground-breaking child development book, you will learn everything you need for teaching toddlers social skills that will help them for the rest of their lives, including making friends, accelerated learning ability and improving self-esteem.

In this revolutionary positive parenting book, you will learn the 7 most important parenting skills for raising toddlers with strong social skills:

  • The science behind social skills development in children, with valuable socio-emotional development milestones to look for in your toddler at ages 1, 2 and 3
  • Teaching toddlers good manners and the importance of emphasizing using manners
  • Positive parenting skills for communicating your values and expectations to prevent defiance and discipline problems
  • How to fuel your toddlers dreams and passions with praise and encouragement
  • The importance of parallel play in toddlers’ social skills development
  • Valuable role-playing exercises that dramatically help toddlers learn good habits, manners and strong social skills
  • Teaching toddlers compassion and empathy for others

Helping your toddler understand the value of social skills at an early age is the equivalent of laying the foundations of a building. Make sure to avoid common parenting mistakes now and your little one will develop into a skyscraper with strong social, communication, and emotional skills. 

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