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Amy Approved

Renowned life coach Amy Fiedler shares her vital parenting resources:

Amy is a thrice published author in the field of personal development. A true passion for self-discovery and bettering herself has led her to acquire certifications as a trauma support specialist, holistic life coach, reiki master practitioner and ordainment as a minister. Her philosophy of mental and emotional health is centered around a holistic approach. Her services are centered around life coaching, spiritual mentoring, and Reiki. She wishes for her clients to leave with a complete understanding of their feelings and patterns of behavior. Amy understands better than most that a better understanding of oneself can lead to valuable changes in behavior and emotions.

With her impressive background, I was thrilled to receive a review of my book from her. Amy and I have much in common in our approaches to parenting and conflict resolution. Please check out her video testimonial!

Amy Fiedler, CHLC, CTSS

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  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Certified Trauma Support Specialist
  • Certified Reiki Master of Natural Healing
  • Ordained Minister
  • 3x Published Author


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