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What others are saying about Frank Dixon

5 Star Ratings

Great practical guidance to keep in mind in stressful moments

This book has had a very profound effect on me as a parent. It’s easy to read and outlines great practical tools for teaching resilience. I really do think it’s made me a better parent, or at minimum it’s given me a guiding direction when I don’t know what to do, when my little one is melting down or terribly sad. It just gave me a few great tools and thus the confidence I needed. Gwyneth Verified Amazon Review

5 Star Ratings

Easy read with significant advice for parents!

As a mother of three children, this book was an easy read full of great insight into the different challenges kids of this era face. From the intro, I laughed at the author’s fun and honest descriptions of the headaches of parenting! I could tell I would enjoy his style of writing and point of view. I read the entire book in one sitting, highlighting and noting some of my favorite tips.

Katrina Verified Amazon Review

5 Star Ratings

Money well spent!

This is the third book by Frank that I’ve read and he doesn’t cease to surprise me with the useful content he offers. I love that the book is concise and yet, packed with information. Social skills are extremely important, especially when it comes to children. Teaching them ways to develop cooperative behavior, increasing their communication skills and raising their level of empathy will take them a long way and help them become happy individuals. Ayushi Verified Amazon Review