Frank Dixon had a difficult childhood and an upbringing that was complicated at best. Filled with plenty of pitfalls and a lot of issues that would normally have impacted on such a young and impressionable mind, his family life could have sent him on a very different path.

Fortunately, Frank had the presence of mind to see where this could lead and instead of following it, he was determined to forge a new path for himself and has spent a lifetime watching, listening and learning.

With those skills and abilities, he came to realize how important the foundations of childhood are for each of us and he has since focused all of his energy in helping others overcome this potentially life altering issue.

Realizing that he could only spread the word and help a limited number of people with face to face interactions, Frank decided that writing about the subject would help to extend his reach and has now written several books on the subject, all currently undergoing various stages of the publishing process.

Frank’s desire to help new families and struggling parents may stem from his own childhood, but his heart is poured into every page he writes. Knowing each situation is unique, Frank provides the knowledge, his personal insight and an impressive skillset that is specifically designed to alter the circumstances of many families and improve the lives of as many children as he can.

In his free time, Frank enjoys reading, hiking, fishing, watching movies and going to the beach for a walk or a swim.

Frank Dixon- Best Parenting Books Author

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