About Frank Dixon

Parents. Moms & Dads. Families that live together, or separated. There’s no official handbook for new parents. Every family and situation is unique, and the idealistic pedestal isn’t only what we see in movies and on TV.

The titles within the Best Parenting Books cover a range of skills on specific and important topics that are “easy to digest” and implement. In there I place many useful resources that are beneficial to any type of parent or family member.

You’re on a journey to becoming a more successful parent, and part of that is exploring different paths to find which approach best resonates with you— or to choose the perfect combination for you and your child.

My straightforward approach is designed to help you understand child behavior, backing up that knowledge with research, and teaching you some actionable strategies you can use every day.

This is exactly what I used to do with parents like you in one-on-one sessions. Transforming those experiences into tried and true print means between my pages you’ll find yourself on the way to raising a happy, healthy, independent, strong and resilient child— who’ll grow into a successful adult.

My own childhood was ingrained with turmoil which left me a past filled with its share of guilt, shame, depression, low self esteem, and anxiety. It often made me feel trapped, and is what set me on my professional course to helping parents find direction.

Putting my insight, strategies, and experience into the written word extends my reach farther than a limited number of face-to-face sessions ever could. Since then I’ve published several books on the subject, with more on the way.

Together I hope we’ll be able to pass on positive parenting onto future generations to come.

Kind Regards,

Frank Dixon
Frank Dixon- Best Parenting Books Author
Frank and daughter, Lia. Author’s photo.