Best Parenting Books & Budsies Partner to Bring Children Joy

Hi, I’m Frank Dixon, author and CEO of Best Parenting Books, where we curate books to help parents and families grow stronger through reading. Our curated titles cover a range of skills on specific and important topics that are easy to understand and implement. We provide useful resources, beneficial to any type of parent or family member who wants to grow, to learn, and to improve all aspects of their parenting or teaching skills.

In short, I like helping people. Which is why I find the work Budsies is doing to be so inspirational, so uniquely remarkable, that I knew I had to be a part of it. 

What Is Budsies?

Budsies is a south Florida company with a unique purpose and vision. They bring children’s artwork to life by transforming their artistic vision into a real stuffed animal work of art. Through the Budsies program, children can embrace their own creative minds with a real-life stuffed animal cuddle. The company was launched in August 2013 by Founder & CEO Alex Furmansky, and has since then put over 131,000 Budsies in the arms of children all over the world. 

The Budsies Pal Program

Through the Budsies Pals Program’s philanthropic efforts, not only have they done exactly what the company vision calls for (to “embrace our humanity and spread more love”) but they’ve also found ways to partner with hospitals and other non-profits to do so. This allows them to find the children most in need of a huggable friend and confidant—a Budsies stuffed pal!

“Amidst all the sadness and injustice happening worldwide, I appreciate that we can pause to embrace our humanity and spread more love.” —

Bringing joy to children as they undergo what can often be quite difficult treatments, even scary ones, the Budsies are there as a source of comfort in that time of need. On the Budsies website there are different things you can order like blankets and custom made plush toys that look like your child or like a drawing of a little friend your child drew! From cute little one-eyed monster friends to egg-shaped space aliens, Budsies transforms your kid’s art into something huggable. You can even do a selfie pillow…how fun is that!

About Our Company: Best Parenting Books

What Budsies does through art, plush-toy manufacturing, and partnership with nonprofits that help provide aid to children in need, we do in the world of creative, non-fiction resources for parents. 

Our Happy Children Book Series and our Vital Parenting Book Series are helping parents all over the world discover their own most authentic parenting strategies and what works best for them and their children.

Some of our most popular titles that we offer parents are:

  • How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children.
  • How Parents Can Teach Children To Counter Negative Thoughts
  • How Parents Can Develop Happy Children
  • How Parents Can Foster Friendship In Children
  • 7 Vital Skills for Parenting for Understanding Teenagers and Communicating with Teens
  • 7 Vital Skills for Parenting Teen Boys and Communicating with Your Teenage Son
  • 7 Vital Skills for Parenting Teen Girls and Communicating with Your Teenage
  • 7 Vital Skills for Parenting for Teaching Kids with ADHD
  • 7 Effective Methods for Calming Kids Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 7 Proven Strategies For Parenting Toddlers That Excel From Potty Training To Preschool

We believe strong families empowers children to be their own most brave and authentic selves, and parents, when supported, informed, and themselves empowered, can be the pillars their children need in a world that can be so difficult to navigate and understand. We feel providing joy, support, kindness, and also information is all helpful to parents as they navigate the complexities of rearing tiny humans into productive and healthy adults.

This, I feel, as an author and parenting mentor, is honorable work. And honorable work seeks honorable partnerships with those who share our creative vision for helping support families around the globe. 

Why I Chose to Partner with Budsies

When I began my business, Best Parenting Books, I knew I wanted to do good in my community and extend that to families all over the world. 

The vision of the Budsies CEO and his company inspired me here at Best Parenting Books and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. So, I became an Ambassador for the brand, whose core mission is so in tune with my own brand mission. I became an Ambassador—because I wanted to contribute to this cause and improve the quality of life of families and children who are undergoing treatment. 

“When I discovered the Budsies brand I felt an instant connection which resonated strongly with me and the purpose of the Best Parenting Books brand. There is a strong correlation and I knew this was a perfect partnership. At the core, Best Parenting Books advocates for an overall better parenting experience, an effective and functional family with kids that grow up to become successful and flourishing adults. Budsies is a brilliant and unique concept that brings about creativity, happiness, comfort, hope and also improves the quality of lives of children in need. I decided to become a Budsies Ambassador because I was drawn to the Budsies Pals program and back their mission for a more humane, empathetic and loving world.”—Frank Dixon, Best Parenting Books

Today, I am proud of that decision because I know when you choose to order from Budsies, you are helping to put a smile on a child’s face, for sure, but you’re also helping to support a company that gives back to their community. I feel good knowing that my company plays a small role in making that happen for these precious children and their families.

Join Us in Helping Children, Families, Parents!

The joy my daughter gets from her very own Budsie is one of the reasons I feel so proud to be a part of this overall mission. I know firsthand the smile and comfort these plush toys bring to children. It’s also a wonderful feeling to bring valuable resources to the parents of these children through my work at Best Parenting Books.  If you want to be a part of this great endeavor of mine, here’s how you can help!

Visit my website at Best Parenting Books  and order the books you find most appealing. Share our website on your social media to help other parents find our great resources as well. 

Visit the Budsies website and check out the awesome products there. Order something special for your own child or donate a purchase to your local hospital. Share the Budsies’ website on your social media so other parents can find their services for the children in their own lives.

Thanks for being with me on this journey. I wish health and happiness for you, your family, and especially for your children!

Note: As an Ambassador affiliate for Budsies, a small portion of proceeds from Budsies products purchased through my affiliate link will go to support Best Parenting Books’ mission to support families, parents, and children.