How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children


Preparing Your Child for the Real Tough World of Adulthood by Instilling Them With Principles of Love, Self-Discipline, and Independent Thinking Kindle Edition


“It’s A Jungle Out There, It’s A Jungle Here Too…”

The theme of a popular TV show from the 2000’s perfectly captures that spirit of our modern society. 

It IS a jungle out there, where the strongest members prey on the weak-minded. It’s a jungle where you need resilience, mental toughness and coping skills in order to survive and thrive. It’s a jungle that your children have to conquer. 

No, this is not your ordinary self help, positive parenting, or child psychology book. 

Frank Dixon, the author of this eye-opening parenting guide on how to raise resilient kids, has created an easy-to-follow strategy for parents, which will help you: 

✅Understand Resilience: Embrace It, Discover The Need for Raising Resilient Kids & The 7 C’s of Building Resilience, Perserverence and Self-Confidence for Kids.

✅Embrace Your Child As An Independent Thinker: Stimulate Creativity, Set Limits & Plant The Seeds For Good Habits.

✅Be Honest With Yourself: Take Responsibility, Avoid Painful Past Mistakes & Take Matters Into Your Own Hands.

Why Choose This Game-Changing Resilience Guide? 

Resilient children possess more control of their emotions, feelings, and their reactions to those emotions and feelings.

Remember, it’s a jungle out there and it’s your job to make sure that your child is ready to face any challenge, overcome failure, and adapt to any social environment. 

By the end of this comprehensive guide on how to raise resilient children, you will be able to help your child: 

✔️ Be More Optimistic & Handle Failure Better (Make Building Resiliency & Parenting Teens Easier)

✔️ Be More Confident & Pursue His/Her Dreams (Learn More About Raising Confident Children)

✔️ Perform Better At School, Sports Or Any Other Activity (Learn How To Discipline Without Negativity)

✔️ Avoid Common Pitfalls & Develop Their Own Defense Mechanisms (Understand The Art Of Raising Teenagers)

✔️ Learning Empathy Towards Others (Turn Your Kid Into The Empowered Child & Build Positive Habits)

“I Do Not Have Any Experience With Educational Psychology, Is This The Right Book For Me?”

Yes! You will be able to find simple, practical, and science-backed strategies that will allow you to correct bad habits, and gain an in-depth understanding of how to raise mentally strong kids. 

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