7 Vital Parenting Skills for Teaching Kids With ADHD

Best Book On Teaching Kids With ADHD

Key Takeaways

✔️ Diagnosing ADHD
✔️ Understanding ADHD
✔️ Proven parenting skills for dealing with temper tantrums
✔️ How to deal with ADHD challenges in family life
✔️ The most important parenting skill for kids with ADHD


Proven ADHD Tips for Dealing With Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactive Kids


“Be patient with me. Understand why I do the things I do. Don’t yell at me. Believe me, I don’t want to have ADHD.”  – Joane E Richardson

In 7 Vital Parenting Skills for Teaching Kids with ADHD, best-selling parenting advice author Frank Dixon offers loving parents of kids with ADHD and hyperactivity proven parenting skills guaranteed to help relieve the stress and frustration that parents naturally experience when dealing with hyperactive kids.

As the quote in the header says, your child doesn’t want to have ADHD and they often cannot control their bad behavior, forgetfulness and inattention at school.  Parenting a child with Attention Deficit Disorder requires extra love, patience and perhaps most importantly, positive parenting skills specific to girls and boys with ADHD, which will be learned in this book. 

In this straightforward ADHD workbook, you will learn the primary ADHD symptoms and 7 vital skills for parenting a child with ADHD:

  • Diagnosing ADHD – How to determine whether your child is just “going through a bad behavior phase”, or if they should get ADHD testing
  • Understanding ADHD and why your child with ADHD behaves like they do
  • Proven parenting skills for dealing with temper tantrums and bad behavior with confidence
  • How to deal with ADHD challenges in family life – stress on marriages, negativity at home and how to handle the difficulty of having one child with ADHD and other children with no ADHD issues
  • The most important parenting skill for kids with ADHD– making sure that your daughter or son with ADHD always knows that they are loved and staying positive, even when you are beyond frustrated 

All parents of children with hyperactivity disorder need ADHD help sometimes.  It’s time to upgrade your ADHD parenting skill set, so you can be prepared to deal with challenges of ADHD and how it affects your family and relationships.

What are you waiting for?

Invest In Your Relationship With Your Child Today! 

7 Vital Parenting Skills for Teaching Kids With ADHD

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5 Star Ratings

Great book, I cherished it

I did not understand everything that went with ADHD - so happy I read this to empower me to appreciate what my youngsters. In addition, incredible information to boot relating to eat less carbs, discipline, etc to empower them to succeed. Verified Amazon Review

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