7 Vital Skills for Parenting Teen Boys and Communicating with Your Teenage Son


Proven Positive Parenting Tips for Raising Teenage Boys and Preparing Your Teenager for Manhood Kindle Edition


“Parents of teenage boys often feel that they don’t have the power to steer their child’s life in the right direction.  The best strategy to combat this is to anticipate problems before they arise.”

In 7 Vital Skills for Parenting Teen Boys and Communicating with Your Teenage Son, best-selling parenting skills author Frank Dixon offers caring parents proven methods that any Mom or Dad can use to understand teenage boys, improve communication skills with your teenager, so that you can help your son to become a successful and respectful young man, as he matures.

As a parent or guardian of a teenaged boy, you understand the unique challenges that you have to overcome – your son’s lack of communication and poor listening skills, the mood swings and lack of discipline… and maybe even some personal hygiene issues.   But the same precious and loving son is still in that overgrown, clumsy body.  You just must learn to understand that most of what you are dealing with is a normal part of going through puberty and maturing.

In this ground-breaking positive parenting book, you will learn the 7 most important parenting skills for helping your teenage son to communicate better and feel more comfortable talking to his parents:

  • The most important things affecting your son’s life during his teen years – how to help him understand how his body is changing and why it makes him behave differently than before puberty
  • The science behind the emotional changes – physical changes in your teen boy’s brain and how it affects thought processes, behavior, lack of awareness and social skills
  • How to change your parenting style, family communication, positive reinforcement, and conflict resolution tools for your maturing teen son
  • How to deal with insecurity with physical appearance and improving self-esteem for boys
  • How to improve self-expression and get your teenaged son to open up to parents, instead of using grunts, one-word responses, or totally ignoring you
  • How to teach responsibility to boys and ensure they understand accountability for not meeting your expectations 

Now is the perfect time to start building a healthy relationship with your teenaged son and learn the parenting skills that are vital to ensure that your son has the support that he needs to feel loved and thrive.

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