7 Vital Parenting Skills for Understanding Teenagers and Communicating with Teens


Proven Parenting Tips for Developing Healthy Relationships for Teens and Reducing Teen Anxiety Kindle Edition


“Parents can only give [teenagers] good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”  – Anne Frank

In 7 Vital Parenting Skills for Understanding Teenagers and Communicating with Teens, best-selling parenting advice author Frank Dixon offers loving parents of teenagers proven methods that any Mom or Dad can use to help your teen son or daughter transition from being a child into a well-adjusted and confident young adult.

Remember, parenting teenagers is not easy, but actually being a teen in today’s digital world of constant connection to social media, peer pressure and negative comments is much tougher than it was even twenty years ago.  It is our primary job as a parent to ensure that our teen daughters or sons understand that the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty and adolescence are completely normal and teach them how to cope with changes at school, at home and with their friends.

In this revolutionary positive parenting book, you will learn the 7 most important parenting skills for helping you to effectively communicate with your teenage child:

  • How to set a positive example for your teenager, so they will be much more likely to make positive behavioral changes on their own
  • Understand why your teenager does what they do – physical changes in the brain and hormones and how they affect teen social interaction, communication skills, empathy and handling high stress situations
  • Positive parenting skills for communicating your values and expectations to prevent defiance, lying and discipline problems
  • How to set realistic expectations and ensure that your teenage son or daughter understands them
  • How to choose which battles to have with your teen – specific examples of what issues need to be immediately addressed and which issues can be overlooked to maintain family harmony
  • How to allow your teenager to have some independence, personal time and trust, while still keeping them safe
  • How to teach your child with teen anxiety, social anxiety and/or self-doubt effective ways to overcome adversity and learn self-confidence.

It’s time to start building a healthy relationship with your teenager and help them learn the skills necessary to find happiness, be successful and be prepared for whatever life throws at them.

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