7 Vital Parenting Skills for Improving Child Behavior and Positive Discipline


Proven Positive Parenting Tips for Family Communication without Yelling or Negativity Kindle Edition


“Positive discipline techniques are proven more effective than traditional parenting techniques in many ways. They promise improved [child] behavior, a strengthened bond and a calm and composed parent that isn’t stressed about what the next day will bring.” 

In 7 Vital Parenting Skills for Improving Child Behavior and Positive Discipline, best-selling parenting advice author Frank Dixon offers caring parents proven and straightforward positive discipline methods that any Mom or Dad can use to overcome negative child behavior issues with the power of positive reinforcement, good family communication and clear parental expectations.

Remember, it is normal for kids to misbehave in public sometimes, and it is perfectly understandable if parents get frustrated with their children, when they throw temper tantrums.  But, with the communication skills learned in this book, you will learn how to immediately and effectively diffuse the situation without yelling or arguing with your kids. 

In this revolutionary positive parenting book, you will learn the 7 most important parenting skills for helping you to prevent kids’ behavior problems:

  • Positive parenting skills for communicating your values and expectations to prevent defiance and discipline problems
  • How to replace traditional discipline, yelling and constantly saying ‘NO’ with a new ‘YES’ Environment that encourages children to do the right thing without the threat of punishment
  • Understand the reasons behind misbehavior and learn proven methods for preventing bad behavior, like verbal defiance, disrespecting parents in public, whining and crying
  • How to improve parent-child communication and encourage honesty, transparency, and morality
  • How to set realistic expectations and ensure that your son or daughter understands them
  • How to immediately redirect negative behavior with positivity, diversions and good examples
  • Understanding the power of compassion and empathy for parents

By the end of this eye-opening guide on family communication skills, you will be able to fully comprehend why your children behave the way they do. In the era of uncertainty and social media chaos, fostering an honest relationship with your child should be all parents’ #1 priority.

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