The Vital Parenting Skills and Happy Children Box Set


A 5 Full-Length Parenting Book Compilation for Raising Happy Kids Who Are Honest, Respectful and Well-Adjusted Kindle Edition


“It’s easier to build strong children than to fix broken men [or women].”  – Frederick Douglass

In The Vital Parenting Skills and Happy Children Box Set, best-selling parenting advice author Frank Dixon offers loving parents powerful positive parenting skills and effective communication techniques that any Mom or Dad can use to help your child to overcome adversity and be happy children, even if they struggle with negativity, low self-esteem or child anxiety due to Covid-19, or other current social issues.

In this game-changing positive parenting book compilation, you will receive 5 full-length best-selling books, covering the most important topics for good parents in today’s challenging environment for raising children:

  • How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children: Preparing Your Child for the Real Tough World of Adulthood by Instilling Them with Principles of Love, Self-Discipline and Independent Thinking
  • How Parents Can Teach Children to Counter Negative Thoughts: Channeling Your Child’s Negativity, Self-Doubt and Anxiety into Resilience, Willpower and Determination
  • How Parents Can Develop Happy Children: Uplifting Ways to Build Your Kids Social Skills to Transform Them into Thriving and Successful Adults
  • How Parents Can Teach Children to Live with Transparency: A Whole Heart Approach to Effectively Raising Honest and Candid Kids Without Secrets
  • How Parents Can Foster Friendship in Children: Begin a Meaningful Relationship with Your Child as Both Parent and Friend Without the Power Struggle 

It’s time to start building a healthy relationship with your child and learn valuable family communication skills, so that you can help your child cope with difficult issues, find happiness and have the best chance for success in life and relationships.

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